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Literally, a place where four roads meet. A quadrivium is also defined as being a course that was offered at medieval universities in which students learned the four mathematical arts: arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music. In virtually any photography course rudimentary forms of math are used to calculate exposure values with geometric sequences and fractions; composition & design strategies are routinely studied which are riven with simple principles of geometry; and the study of various forms of light reveal its spectral color properties, in addition to practicing observations of astronomic objects — the sun & moon are popular favorites. In regard to the music aspect, well that’s a form of poetry, so let’s equate that to the expression of all of these technical things that manifest in the visual poetry of photographs. To get to my point, a photography course easily meets and exceeds the definition of a quadrivium: interdisciplinary practices. And by the way, the number of quadrivium present here demands pluralization... so, welcome to Quadrivia.


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Introduction to the Studio

Autumn 2017 | pho117 [4-Credits]

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This introductory level, hands-on course in photographic studio lighting techniques enables students to create expressive images of subject matter ranging from still life to portraiture.

Studio Portraiture

Autumn 2017 | pho116 [4-Credits]

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This intermediate level, hands-on course in commercial and illustrative portraiture, emphasizes various light modulation tools and techniques to create expressive portraits of people in the studio.

Photography 1

Autumn 2017 | pho111 [4-Credits]

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This introductory level course comprehensively studies several foundation digital photography workflow skills and proficiencies rooted in single lens reflex [SLR] camera operations. Everything from the production of accurate exposures controlled via the combination of aperture, shutter, and ISO, to composition and color strategies, to image editing and processing, and various methods of output and presentation are addressed. Pre-requisite course for Study Abroad: Spain 2018.

Study Abroad: Spain

Summer 2018 | pho105 [3-Credits]

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This eighteen-day course offers unparalleled opportunities to live and travel in Spain, and to see creatively while studying photography and design. Inspired by the people and charm of one of the world’s oldest, most influential cultures, students learn to develop their photographic vision to breathe meaning and metaphor into their images. See gallery below.