Fotomoto Preview

Fotomoto is most compatible with viewports that are at least 876 pixels wide. Even though small tablets and mobile device screens produce the Fotomoto interface, the navigation of its menus does not provide the most user-friendly experience. Larger monitors offer a better experience.

Fotomoto BayPhoto

Tap a thumbnail image, then the Basket Icon in the top margin of in its large-image view, to preview and experiment with the Fotomoto Print Service Interface. Any orders made through this test gallery are not fulfilled — this is not very likely to happen because payment information must be input to complete an order. After preview and experimentation with the Fotomoto window use the Close Icon in the upper right corner to clear and dismiss any selections.


ClientView Sample

The gallery below features a sample, ClientView password protected gallery with Fotomoto. Clients have access to low-resolution downloads, social media sharing, and print options that include greeting cards with envelopes, flat invitation cards, and postcards that can be personalized and customized with messages. Card products and premium quality prints in various sizes can be ordered from any image and shipped direct to your door. All major credit cards accepted.

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