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Literally defined, a quadrivium is a place where four roads meet, but also defined as a course at medieval universities where students learned the four mathematical arts: arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music. Cameras require weilding geometric sequences & fractions; composition & design strategies are riven with simple principles of geometry; natural light, its spectral color properties and astronomical objects [the sun & moon] are elemental to our craft; and digital photography, like music, shares the idea of math manifesting into poetry. To get to my point, a photography course easily meets and exceeds the definition of a quadrivium: interdisciplinary practices. The number of quadrivium present here demands pluralization... so, welcome to Quadrivia.


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Lighting for Video

Spring 2018 | vid200 [3-Credits]

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This is an introductory level, hands-on course in photographic studio lighting techniques to create expressive images of inanimate subject matter [still life] and portraits of people. With an emphasis on safe handling and operation of various lighting systems, students learn to unleash creativity by gradually expanding their range of knowledge about light, how to identify its many qualities, and how to use it as a deeply integral visual element in their images.

Environmental Portraiture

Spring 2018 | pho216 [3-Credits]

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This course concentrates on contemporary studio practices that are inclusive of advanced image construction techniques and business issues relevant to their production. Students integrate their previous studio and imaging experiences (traditional or digital capture) with the pre- and post-production, critical thinking skills required to produce a job. Emphasis is placed on the business and ethical issues behind the creation of images for retail portraiture, commercial publication, and fine-art sectors of the industry.

Photography 1

Spring 2018 | pho111 [4-Credits]

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This introductory level course comprehensively studies several foundation digital photography workflow skills and proficiencies rooted in single lens reflex [SLR] camera operations. Everything from the production of accurate exposures controlled via the combination of aperture, shutter, and ISO, to composition and color strategies, to image editing and processing, and various methods of output and presentation are addressed. Pre-requisite course for Study Abroad: Spain 2018.

Digital Photo Abroad: Spain

Summer 2018 | pho105 [3-Credits]

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This eighteen-day course offers unparalleled opportunities to live and travel in Spain, and to see creatively while studying photography and design. Inspired by the people and charm of one of the world’s oldest, most influential cultures, students learn to develop their photographic vision to breathe meaning and metaphor into their images.