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Headshots for Branding Collateral. As the communications professional of an organization it’s important to build a brand with continuity. The portraits of individuals in the workgroup appeal to the target audience as a unified whole when the photography is consistent in regard to the lighting of figures, what the background signifies, and whether the images are stylized in color, duotone, or black-and-white. If your organization seeks strong visual continuity for it’s promotional objectives and branding collateral, please consider contacting me! I have worked with large & small organizations that needed their entire workgroup to be photographed. In cases such as this, rates are adjusted per individual since the level of production and time commitment per person is packaged. A workgroup is typically called to be photographed together, and within an appropriate time frame I am pleased to include this as part of the package. It's a low-risk investment with high returns. Year Round Bookings Available!

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