Lyrical Quires


Quatrain25 Storm & Stress

Artist Statement

My photographs are rooted in a genre known as Lyric Documentary, which is an idea formed by Walker Evans in a lecture delivered at Yale University in March 1964. He considered the term documentary as being rather inexact yet having the need to be driven by facts, whereas the term lyric conveyed the idea of the unconscious mind being at work and knowing when to press the camera shutter. In essence, the genre fuses scientific objectivity to find facts with artistic subjectivity to trust instincts.

Motivated with a deep sense of curiosity my images attempt to transcend everyday life by seeing order amongst chaos, geometry, light, color, and gesture. Henri Cartier-Bresson and the idea of the decisive moment is another core influence. What usually starts out as a study in design can instantly change to a photograph, as naturally occurring figure movements and gestalt activate space. Capturing a moment with visual flow is essential, but producing visual poetry is the objective. Ultimately I ask questions about people, represented literally as figure in cultural ground, or as metaphor via found objects & situations.

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