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Welcome to the Quatrain fotographic Fine-Art Print Store. Images in this collection are selected from various Lyrical Quires that can be purchased as Framed Prints, Acrylic Blocks, or Paper Bookmarks. Please tap the thumbnail of the product range that you are interested in browsing through. If you found an image in one of the Lyrical Quires, but cannot find it available for purchase, then please don't hesitate to use the Client Query Form to contact us about adding that to our on-line inventory.


Copyright Info

All images copyright Quatrain ƒotographic, LLC; all rights reserved. Prints as art objects are licensed to be enjoyed for personal use only. Images purchased via this store are NOT licensed for editorial, commercial, or promotional usage. Reproductions created in any form, via any print or any electronic media and/or for distribution of any kind, in part or in whole, without expressed written permission of the artist is a violation of copyright law. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of images or the art object itself are subject to criminal penalties.


All Fine-Art Prints

are guaranteed to have excellent permanence because the high quality papers and inks used in production are rated to be over 100 years by Wilhelm Imaging Research. Mounting materials are 100% acid-free and provide ultra-violet light protection under non-glare acrylic that optimizes visibility, and provides maximum longevity and protection. The longevity of any art work is greatly increased when not subjected to exposure of direct sunlight, humidity, or extreme conditions.

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