Spain | 2016 Site Visit

Gallery Description: In July and August 2016 I conducted a site visit to the Global Education Oregon [GEO] Segovia and Oviedo campuses to explore instructional facilities and travel logistics. Starting in Madrid and Segovia locations ranged from soaring cathedrals, castles and palaces to tranquil parks and gardens, ancient Roman Empire vestiges, to world-class museums and clamoring subways.

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After several days in Segovia, I ventured northwest to GEO's Oviedo campus, situated in the “green heart” of Spain; the Asturias region. Spain was founded here in 718, but humankind has inhabited the region since the Stone Age. Hiking up Mt. Naranco, pre-Romanesque churches mark the trail leading to a summit with breathtaking panoramic views of the city and cool, misty mountains nearby. Incredible food, Atlantic beaches, and numerous Medieval sites offer a deeply picturesque charm to the old-world streets. Modern cities, friendly people, hard-cider cellars, seafood markets, and beaches, offer a wide range of possibilities to conduct a Digital Photography Abroad course.

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